, The Hood Crèche

A Time Out For You And Your Family

Take A Time-Out

At ParentHood 360 we understand the key to being an awesome parent is to take time out for you! If you dream of taking a little time out for yourself and;

  • Getting your hair done, or going for a massage
  • A quiet lunch, or catch up with friends
  • A cheeky date with your partner
  • Or just a mindful time out for you 

If this sounds like you then we have the perfect solution.  

We have teamed up with local businesses so you can take a little time out for you! And what’s best is it’s heavily subsidised by the Hood Service Provider you choose!


We’re revolutionising casual childcare working with local brands to provide exclusive offers and discounts that you can use and credit to the cost of childcare. Using these cost savings childcare becomes dramatically reduced. 


The Hood Play Centre

Is an interactive environment to keep your little ones playing and engaged with other kids from their Hood in a fully supervised and safe environment. We follow strict COVID19 safety procedures and have thorough cleaning principals, click here to find out more about our COVID Safe plan.

We have collaborated with leading brands and designers to create a safe and interactive play space. Designed into play zones to cater for age groups from 6 months through to 7 years. Our objective is to enable you to shop, relax and just take a time out for you -safe in the knowledge your little one is in a fun and interactive play environment nearby. 

Our Nanny Service

Our Hood Crèche is a fully supervised by our amazing Hood care team. They all have stacks of experience caring for little ones and have passed all of our 360 checks including; providing first aid certificates, WWCC, police checks and most importantly each one has tonnes of personality and loves caring for children. 

So what are you waiting for?

Now you can go, relax and explore your Hood whilst your little ones are actively engaged in theirs.

Book and Find our Crèche Discounts

Booking and finding our amazing crèche discounts on our platform is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1 – Book your little Hoodie in to our managed Hood Play Centre Today.

2 – Opt for how many hours you would like your little one to play in our managed crèche – options are 1, 2 or 3 hours.

3 – Pay our hourly rate and re-coup the cost back by choosing Hood Service Providers with special crèche credits that assist in reducing the cost of the crèche. 

It’s that easy! Now shop, relax and unwind!

If you’ve got lost along the way, or would just like to find out more info then please reach out to chat and contact us.

If we don’t have a Hood Crèche near you, do not fear! 
We’re growing! 

Join our ParentHood Community below and register your interest here and we will let you know as soon as we open in your Hood. We also working with service providers across leisure, retail, dining, events and even travel to bring our ParentHood Community a range of exclusive ‘Parent Promo’ discounts and offers.

These brands do not have one of our Hood Play Centres. However, you can apply these discounts and savings to offset the cost of a babysitter. 


Help us tell everyone about ParentHood360 and share the love on your socials. 

Oh and before we forget – no-one knows their Hood better than you! So feel free to share your favourite experiences, kid friendly haunts or insider tips on your hood or hood service providers with us here.

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