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A Birthday Party To Remember At The Hood

Birthdays can be a stressful occasion for many parents, especially organising their own kids birthday! There are so many choices to be made that it is easy to see why so many parents are looking for a simple and easy alternative.

If you are tired of writing the pro’s and con’s list of an inside vs outside party. Or the constant worry if the weather is going to take a turn for the worse on your little ones special day. Then have no fear The Hood Playzone is here.

At The Hood Play Zone we take your little one on a fun filled birthday journey. We offer bespoke tailored packages giving you the option to choose your theme, your entertainer character and a selection of super cool activities to do on their special day, such as;

* Personalised themed activities matching their favourite character

* A personalised playlist of your little ones favourite songs

* Choreographed dance routine to get all of their friends dancing

* Colouring activities and other non-mess craft

* Party Accessories include Disco Lights, Bubbles, Pom Poms, Balloon Sculpting, Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting

* Plus pass the magical parcel, with a surprise gift for each child

You can also add on other extras such as cakes, cupcakes, platters, party favours to ensure it is the best day for your little one.

PLUS when we host your party at our Hood Play Zone our venue has a range of inbuilt drama play activities like cubby houses, kitchen and supermarket areas and even an ice cream stall so if you want the party attendees can also have a casual play session too.


Whilst the little ones are having an amazing party, parents take a little time out in-centre to catch up and have a mini parent party being back in time for the birthday cake ceremony and photos.

For your convenience The Hood Play Zone is located on the ground floor of Stockland Shopping Centre. We can also provide a quote to bring our party entertainers to you too.

For more information or to book then please click here.

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