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Having a fun Halloween!

Covid Safe Halloween

2020 has, at times, felt like one continuous Halloween – but now that we can see some light at the end of the spooky tunnel, you may feel like planning a super fun, ghoultastic Covid-Safe celebration for your little ones [or for you, we don’t judge here!]
Safety is and always will be the biggest priority when we talk about our little ones, so here are the ParentHood360 top tips to staying safe whilst having ALL of the fun this Halloween:


1. Lots of Lollies!

Long gone are the days of the kids piling on top of each other and rummaging for their favourites in a big ol’ cauldron of lollies! As we are very much meant to be social distancing still it’s important that we remember this EVEN when faced with the promise of treats!

Make sure you have individually wrapped lollies, or [if you have the time] make your own individual little lolly bags for visitors to hand out. Why not bring back the original meaning of “trick or treat” and ask them to perform a trick or talent to earn their reward?

If you want an extra layer of caution that the lollies don’t have any monster germs on them, then please leave hand sanitiser out for the little ones to use before they touch the lollies.


2. Monster Footsteps

Most children can be told time and time again to socially distance, they’re only little and everything goes out of the window when they get excited, so they need a visual reminder. Why not make some of your very own Monster Footprints leading up to your front door. This way kids know to wait on the spot until the next footprint is free – you could decorate these with your little ones – a perfect craft for a rainy day, and even add some dares to them to keep people occupied during the wait!


3. Open Door Policy

The front door provides another barrier that could potentially spread germs, so why not hope for some nice weather and stay outside during the trick or treat hours on your street. [If you’ve not set these up then this is a great way to ensure everyone is ready and waiting for the tricksters.] Keeping it local to just your street or your bubble of friends and families is the best option too!


4. Mask up Monsters!

This year costumiers and seamstresses have pivoted to provide some amazing themed masks – make this part of your children’s costume! Also, you could even give them some scary zombie or monster-scaled gloves too!


5. Haunted House

Of course, you need to do what you and your family feel comfortable with – so if that means staying home then decorate your home and play some special spooky games there! You could set up a treasure hunt for treats, dares and monsters footsteps/musical monsters.


6. Join us!

If lockdown life has left you craving some much needed me-time [perhaps to stop you from turning into a monster!] then head on down to ParentHood360 where our qualified and fabulous carers will be ready and waiting to welcome your little ones for up to 3 hours of spooktastic fun. Crafts, imaginative play, storytime, costume competitions, music and dancing – they’ll have a wonderful time and be delivered back to you ready for a monster snooze!  Book Here

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