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Tips for Exploring with Kids!

The “leaving the house routine” flips upside down once you’ve got kids. It’s a hard enough battle getting them in the car for school, let alone for a big trip or day out. Here’s some tips we’ve found super helpful when trying to head out the door on an “explore” day!

Number one: Plan

No one likes to hear this – but the only way you’ll be able to get out for a day of exploring without someone losing their mind is by planning in advance. Make a quick list of all the things you’ll need. If it’s going to be a day spent outside don’t forget a hat (for everyone), sunscreen, water bottles and plenty of snacks. If you’re going swimming don’t forget the towels. You get the gist! Planning a couple days in advance will really help when it comes to getting everyone out the door.

Number two: Have an emergency kit.

Well your old car emergency kit might have contained Hydralite and a couple band-aids, a new emergency kit for kids is a good way to stop any dramas becoming too big. Bring some long life snacks, plenty of Band-Aids, some Panadol, and a few books for a long drive.

Number three: Know where you’re going!

All too often I’ve seen young families pull up to a bushwalk only to realise it will be near impossible with a young toddler. Do a bit of research before deciding where to head out to make sure that it is an appropriate level for your kids. No one wants to spend the afternoon having their toddler on their shoulders because they’re too tired to walk. There are plenty of amazing, family friendly locations and walks that will be perfect for you and your young kids. Check out some of the articles on our website for some ideas!

Number four: Focus on kid-led learning

Getting outside provides an amazing opportunity for your kids to experience and learn in the real world. Although it can be tempting to follow the path (literally!), let your kids explore nature, taking whatever twists and turns they may. It’s amazing to witness little ones exploring the world around them, and this unstructured exploration can lead to more creativity and imagination in toddlers.

Number 5: Expect some ups and downs

Life as a parent means that life is unexpected. Some days you’ll have planned, prepared and yet your kids still won’t want to leave the car! Acknowledge that not all days will be perfect and if you need to leave early, then that’s that. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Making an effort to get outside with your kids means that they get to experience, imagine and explore. That’s all you can ask for!

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