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Get Crafty this Christmas

What better way to get in to the Christmas Spirit then to get crafty with the family. With not long to go until Santa will be at our door delivering pressies we through we would do a round up of some of our favourite Christmas crafts.

Santa Puppets

bright star kids

What do you need?

  • Stick
  • Red Construction Paper
  • White Cupcake Liner or White Construction Paper
  • A4 Sheet of Paper
  • Crayons
  • Red and White pom-poms
  • Eyes
  • Glue
1. Take the red construction paper and cut a triangle out of it. Take the A4 sheet of paper and cut a white line out of it and a semi-circle. You can also use half of a Cupcake Liner.
2. Grab the white semi-circle and draw another smaller one and color it with the crayons inside.
3. Position the red triangle with the point facing upwards, grab the white semi-circle and glue it to the red triangle.
4. Now, take the white strip and cut a smaller white circle from the rest of the sheet of paper. Cut the circle in half. Glue the thin strip to use as the brim of the hat and glue the two semi-circles as the mustache of our Santa.
5. Take the white pom-pom and use it as the top of Santa’s hat and the red pom-pom as Santa’s nose.
6. Finally, glue the stick on the back and there yo have!  A Santa Puppet.
You can grab a book and read a story using your DIY Santa’s puppet.

Santa Calendar

We all know how much kids like to count down the days until Christmas. This year lets get rid of the candy advent calendar and instead get crafty and make your own. With our fabulous Santa Calendar the whole family can have fun covering up how many days are left till the best day of the year.

What do you need?

  • Printer
  • Cotton balls
  • Crayons
  • Red Pom-pom
  • Glue


  1. Print a Santa Face. You can download this free printable here. 
  2. Take the color crayons and color the Santa. You can get wild and paint it with whatever you would like.
  3. Use the red pom-pom as Santa’s nose.
  4. Start counting toward Christmas! Each day glue a white cotton ball the right number.

Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Christmas goes hand in hand with family-time. Why don’t you try to make this Christmas Tree with the whole families hands on it.


What do you need?

  • Green, yellow and brown construction paper – if you don’t have you can use white paper and paint accordingly
  • Glitter
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Grab the green construction paper and a pencil. Take a family members hands and trace it on the construction paper. Do the same with all the family members. You can encourage kids to do the tracing to support fine-motor skills
  2. Once finished cut carefully around the traced hands
  3. Now, grab the brown construction paper and trace around a family member foot and cut it out.
  4. Take the yellow construction paper and cut a star from it. (It will be the top of your Christmas Tree)
  5. Arrange all the hands in the shape of a tree, using the bigger ones as the bottom of the tree and the smaller ones as the top.
  6. Use the feet tracing as the trunk. Glue it.
  7. Finally, spread some glitter to decorate and glue the star on the top!

DIY Reindeer Decorations

Source: happyhooligans

Decorating the Christmas Trees with some home-made crafts is not only fun, but it will add some uniqueness to your tree!

What you need?

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Brown wallpaper samples
  • Pom-poms
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut the toilet rolls in two and wrapped them into the brown wallpaper sample. You can also paint it brown if that is easier for you.
  2. Make a hole in each side of the top of the tube that will be the reindeer’s antlers. Slide the pipe cleaner through.
  3. To make the nose glue some pom-poms on the middle.

For the noses, we used some artifitcial berries that were on a wire. We poked that wire through a hole in the front of the tube, and bent the wire inside the tube, to hold the nose in place.

Then we glued our eyes in place, and attached a ribbon for hanging.

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament Craft

Source: best ideas for kids

If you have any ice lolly sticks lying around the house then this craft activity will make good use of them.

What you need?

  • Lolly sticks
  • Stickers
  • Bells


Get two lolly sticks and make a cross. In the centre use your glue gun to place a dot of glue, then hold firm until it dries. Get the third stick and repeat process.

Then get to work jazzing up these ordinary lolly sticks to make them in to something pretty special! Go crazy with paint, stickers for whatever else your little one wants to add. Your kids will love deciding which colors to use and, of course, bedazzling each snow flake. Once finished make sure you add some string so you can hang these fabulous decorations on the tree or around the house.

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