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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies

Looking to get your little one in the scary spirit?

At Parenthood360 we have selected some of our family favourites to get your family movie spookiest on! So prepare some green monster popcorn, get that blanket and snuggle up on the couch with the lights off to watch these scary movies.


Toy Story of Terror

Do not fear the Toy Story of Terror still has all of your favourite characters. Just with a bit more of a spooky feel as members of Woody’s gang begin to disappear. Set at a roadside motel Woody and the crew try to solve the mystery. We hope you and your little one enjoy this fun and scary adventure together.


With an amazing old school cast this film is an all-time family favourite. An afterlife therapist and his daughter (Christina Ricci) meet a friendly young ghost aka Casper when they move into a mansion in Maine.


Whether you choose the original or the remake this fun comedy will have your little one spooked and entertained at the same time. For those that haven’t seen it it’s about a group of friends who start a ghost catching business.

The Addams Family

Again a family decision is to be made on original or modern – or why not both! This family is slightly outside of the typical family stereotype – eccentric to say the least. Wednesday Addams’ friendship with a daughter of a hostile and conformist local reality show host increases conflict between the families and makes for quite the entertaining family movie.


This one is my favourite and is all about a 12 year old, Miguel, who goes in search in the land of the dead to find his deceased musician uncle. This movie is set to have you tapping your feet and bopping your head to the funky tunes within the movie.

Please feel free to email us any of your family favourite scary movies.

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