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WHAT’S ON – September School Holidays 2020

School holidays are about to begin in New South Wales and we’ve put together some amazing activities and ideas on how to spend the next two weeks!

The Granny Smith Festival

There are a whole bunch of activities the kids will love at the Granny Smith Festival this year. Find yourself eating some delicious food, watching outdoor flicks at a drive-in cinema or check out the bunch of online events available.

The Hood Crèche!

Feel like you need a bit of me time? Head into Stockland Balgowlah and drop your little one into our fully supervised creche and take advantage of the deals throughout Stockland. 10% off a mani pedi? A free coffee with lunch? Yes please!

Get creative in the kitchen

Little ones love to bake and cook in the kitchen, and it’s a great opportunity to teach them about their food and how things are made. There are plenty of kids cookbook’s available or, choose your favourite recipe and make it with your little ones. Baking can be a great way to break up an afternoon without having to leave the house!

Hit up the nearest Beach/Public Pool

The water might be cold, but it’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon down by the beach or at your local pool. Splash around, don’t forget your sunscreen and have a beautiful day in Sydney’s warm weather. Lot’s of pools also have special school holiday events – so don’t forget to check these out!

Van Gogh Exhibition

Head into Moorpark to visit the van Gogh alive exhibition featuring a variety of sensory activities and exhibits. The screens and projection will blow anyone’s mind – big or small

Performing arts holiday program

Are your kids obsessed with performing? Book them in to your nearest performing arts or drama school and watch them develop their confidence speech and have a fun time over the holidays. Many of these programs run for a week long, giving them a chance to develop their skills, and give you a bit of rest time!

Whale Watching

Get the opportunity to see beautiful whales up close by going on a whale watching cruise around Sydney harbour. This is an amazing family activity that your little ones will remember for a lifetime!


Let us know if you have any ways you plan to spend the holidays!

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